• As an introvert, I can go for months before I realize I haven’t connected with a friend or family member. Grandma has been known to say, "I can never get a hold of you." So now in my calendar I have times to call my Mom, Grandma

  • After my son died, I was thinking of some of the things we had wanted to do together but had never gotten around to. Like bike to Lake Michigan, get out the kayak and go to Washington D.C. I was also happy thinking of all the things we did get

  • My 18 year old son was looking for his first car. He wanted us to check out one of his choices. My husband said he wouldn’t buy that car and told him all the things wrong with it. We had found a couple much better choices and showed him. I

  • One of the premises of simple living is that people are always more important than things. If you spend most of your time playing with technology, working or maintaining your home and stuff you have less time more relationships. Periodically

  • As usual we didn’t go out today for the Black Friday madness. Instead we were able to have some fun family time. We made french toast with real maple syrup for breakfast. We played Uno and Boggle. My son and husband reinforced his desk so