• I know this year with inflation we could all use some ideas to save money. Change Cell Phone Plans. Use a comparison site to get the best deals in your zip code. We saved $20 a month by switching plans. Change to a digital calendar like Google

  • Guest Post from Hazel Garcia Most of us know what we like and don’t like. Shiny new iPad? Like. Big tax bill? Don’t like. Trip to Hawaii? Heck yes! Commute to work? Ughhh. Seems simple enough right? We don’t really need science to tell us what

  • May is the time of year I look to take a close look at my spending. We usually want to go camping at least once, see plays at Hope Summer Rep Theater, and there are always weddings, graduations, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. We also

  • On my way to walk the beach this morning, I marveled at all the people out. Joggers and walkers. The 70 year-old man rollerblading. The elderly couple riding their bikes to the beach. A man walking his dog, holding coffee. They looked so fit and

  • Finances are one of those things that is easier to let someone else handle – your husband or wife, an accountant, a broker. Maybe you think it’s too scary or over your head. Or you don’t like to deal with numbers. But, you need