• Many times when I talk to people they tell me they are busy and they don’t know how to stop. They have to take the kids here and here and here. Or work is keeping them overtime. Or they have to attend so many meetings. The biggest

  • Abrams Falls, Smoky Mountains we visited this June Responsible adults often seem to have lost their love affair with life. In the cult of busyness there is no time for things that aren’t productive. Like going on a nature walk. Singing

  • Do we use busy as an excuse? Or pretend we don’t make some of these choices? Or put ourselves in victim mode? Danielle LaPorte of White Hot Truth has a great post on Busyness: we know you’re busy. now shut up about it.  

  • Are you so busy? Could you be avoiding something? I have been reading a little bit at a time of Simple Days by Marlene A Schiwy. She is journaling on her experience with simplifying her life. I love reading how her thoughts bounce around as she