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In the meantime, check out the blog or come hang out with us in the My Simpler Life Facebook group – a safe, supportive place to help you with your decluttering and simplifying journey while encouraging others. (Ask to join)


  • Violet says:

    Thank you!

  • Gia says:


  • saradha says:

    Sure to enjoy life with ur simplicity tips…glad to find this blog

  • Jojo says:


  • saradha says:


  • Shelly says:

    Always looking for new ideas of ways to declutter my life.

  • Di Kershaw says:

    Needing inspiration!

  • Sherry says:

    Help me! I’m a clutter challenged.

  • jane says:

    So long overdue…thanks for the motivation

  • Deb says:

    Looking forward to trying this

  • sabrina says:


  • sabrina says:

    Can’t wait to get this and see if I can do this

  • Dee says:

    As a SAHM with an 18 month old boy and another on the way, I need to find ways to declutter and clean quickly, improving our house and lives a little each day!

  • Chris says:

    Ready to get started!

  • Karin says:

    I am so excited to get started! Thank you for helping me along the way

  • Mimi says:

    Thanks so much!

  • Christine says:

    Ready to get organized!

  • Pam says:

    Thanks for having this site. I might have double signed up so please be aware of that.

  • Deborah says:

    Can’t wait to start to declutter!!

  • Kelly Speer says:


  • Mary voss says:

    Anxious to get started.

  • Sharon says:

    Can’t wait to get started!

  • Renee Gauthier says:

    I look forward to ideas to help with daily clutter. Thank you

  • Marie says:

    need help!

  • Susan Bygren says:

    So happy you realize some of get easily overwhelmed with projects. This calendar will help me to be more productive in small steps.

  • sandy Greenway says:

    Thank you.

  • cyndi says:


  • cyndi says:


  • Yvonne says:

    I am a newbie

  • Candice Yates says:

    Love the extra motivation to get me moving forward an organized home and life

  • Kimberly Wester says:


  • Victoria says:

    Thank you. Not sure how this will work as my husband doesn’t throw anything out and I am OCD but I will start with baby steps. Feel like I am being swallowed up by my cluttered home. Thanks for sharing this with me

  • deborah poppe says:

    Help 🙂

  • Ann says:

    Thanks Beth 🙂

  • Jennifer says:

    Thanks for the tool to a first step.

  • Keri Robinson says:

    Enlightened!! HaPpY!!

  • Melissa Khiani says:

    Can’t wait

  • Larraine Wood says:

    Thank you. I SO need your help. looking forward to following your tips.

  • Donna Todd says:

    I kept so organized when I had 5 kids and a husband and worked…now I’m retired, single, and clutter grows daily. So looking forward to your help… 🙂

  • Gabriela says:

    Ready to get organized!

  • Gabriela says:


  • Sandy Brister says:

    Excited about receiving newsletter !!

  • pamela freeman says:

    Love reading after u…decluttering 35 years worth of clutter ….one box at a time…making progress.

  • Amelia says:

    Looking for to great tips for de-cluttering!

  • Candy deville says:

    Time to declutter

  • Julie says:

    Looking forward to becoming organized.

  • Dc says:

    Can’t wait

  • Ashely says:

    Looking forward to tackling the declutter calendar!

  • Jenny says:

    Thank you.

  • Rachel says:

    Gonna do it

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