Prayer for Election Season


I was raging on the page, writing down all the things I was angry about lately. And I noticed a lot had to do with politics. I realized I needed to forgive and bring myself back to a place of love. I also knew I needed help so I created a prayer.

Prayer for Election Season

May we notice when we go into anger, judgment or fear during this election season. When we complain about the “other side.” When we think of their intentions as deliberately harmful. May we remember politics is trying to anger, divide and impart fear in order to get votes. They will most likely lie and emotionally manipulate us to do so.

When we notice ourselves thinking against others, help us to return to love. Forgive our judgment as we forgive the people we believe are “wrong.” We forgive our nation’s candidates and leaders for what they have done during the election season.

May we come together locally. May we see a problem and ask, “What can I do to help?” instead of, “Who can I blame for this?” May we applaud the good that people do, regardless of party. And give an extra high five to those who work with people they may not totally agree with.

May we seek agreement with others more than see our differences. May we remember people vote they way they do, because it makes sense for them. We don’t know their stories, their issues, or their needs. Not everyone will see things the way we see things. Forgive us our pride for thinking people should. We all see with our own lens. Help us see with the lens of love and understanding.

We trust You are head of it all. We can trust in You and you will guide us to love everyone more. We know you have plans for us and if we follow them, we can help create a better world. Thanks be to God!


  • Mary Kayser says:

    Thank you Beth. I needed this prayer more than I realized. As this election ticks down, I have been feeling so much anxiety. I find myself feeling angry toward people who I know vote for the “other” side. I don’t understand why they think that way. I realize they don’t understand why I think the way I do. I need to stop and put this in God’s hands. It’s not up to me. Thank you for reminding me of that.

  • Beth says:

    Right , I didn’t know I needed it til I started journaling. It’s easy to fall into anxiety and judging during this season when the politicians think it’s there job to do that to us for votes. Peaceful election to you!

  • Jennifer says:

    Love this. I recently saw a post where the author said he wakes each morning and reminds himself to create peace and joy in all things he does (the author escapes my memory right now). It’s been a good “mantra” and I go to it now whenever I find myself in conflict with other ideals, long lines, etc.

  • Beth Dargis says:

    This is a wonderful mantra, Jennifer!

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