The Great Decluttering of 2020


I read an article called The Great Decluttering of 2020: The pandemic has inspired a clean out of American homes. I have seen this sentiment in my Facebook Group and online as well.

1/4 of people working, have been working from home. Kids have been home for months and only now are some going back to school. With less social activities, exercise classes and commuting, more time is spent at home. And there is no hiding from the clutter.

Some people actually got more clutter during this time, soothing anxiety with online buying or not taking care of things since, “no one is going to see the house anyway.” Online/homeschooling have led to more papers and books around the house.

Others got a burst of energy, tired of seeing the clutter day in and day out. They have used this time to declutter and gain more space. It was the push they needed. More got exhausted and overwhelmed, realizing how much they wanted to declutter but not knowing where to start. Everywhere they turned was another reminder they have too much stuff.

The clutter drains your energy, something that is already in short supply. It’s hard to focus when there is stuff everywhere. When you are home more, it becomes obvious something needs to be done.

How about you? Have you participated in the great decluttering of 2020? Or has overwhelm stopped you?

It helps to break up your decluttering in smaller pieces like my Declutter Calendar does. Or if you want support, a plan and accountability the Declutter Group is starting soon.

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