Valentine’s Day Countdown


To get you ready for the lovely day, here is a checklist for every day. To keep it simple you don’t need to do it every day. You can pick only the ones that sound like something you want to do. People may say it’s just a Hallmark holiday, but I think any time you can focus on your relationships and loved ones that is a good thing.

Feb. 1: Write a love note to your honey, detailing what you love about him or her. Or what you are grateful for that they do for you.

Make your bedroom romantic by getting things out of the room that have nothing to do with getting dressed, loving or sleeping.

Feb. 2: Light candles around the house for Candlemas.

Decide if you want to spend valentine’s day with friends, significant other or family. (Feel free to exchange significant other for friends or family in the suggestions below.)

Feb. 3: Rent a sappy movie for your self to get in the mood or shop for an outfit for valentine’s day with or without friends.

Try your hand at a love poem.

Put on a Valentine wallpaper on your computer desktop, phone or tablet.

Feb. 4: Do three nice things for your significant other today.

Plan where to spend Valentine’s and make reservations or start picking up the house.

Feb. 5: Have a nice long talk with your honey, even if it is only on the phone.

If you are having dinner at home, decide on the menu. If not, think of a fun way to get to your destination.

Feb. 6: Find some romantic music to play at home or in the car for the big day. Start listening to it now.

If you have snow, freeze some snowballs for some fun this summer.

Feb. 7: Compliment your love at least three times today.

Get your haircut.

Feb. 8: Get some extra exercise in today; try some yoga moves.

Give yourself a facial- steam your face, wash, exfoliate, put on a mask, rinse off, then apply moisturizer.

Feb. 9: Order flowers.

Feb. 10: Do a random act of kindness for your sweetie and don’t get found out.

Buy a present and make a card.

Feb. 11: Reread some old love letters and go through some pictures of the two of you.

Figure out or confirm any details of what you are going to be doing for Valentine’s Day.

Feb. 12: Make fudge.

Give yourself or go out for a manicure and pedicure.

Feb. 13: Pick up a movie, flowers, or anything else you need for tomorow.

Take a nice, long bath then slather on some heavenly smelling lotion.

Feb. 14: Make sure house is clean in morning.

Text Happy Valentine’s Day!

Enjoy your day!

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