On my birthday, I always like to do my annual planning. It may seem early for some, but I seem more motivated to plan in the fall, then in the winter. One of my friends asked what I do for my annual planning:

It’s not planning all the events of the upcoming year. It has more to do with thinking how I want the next year to go. I pray. Decide where to put my focus. And what routines and things I need to have in place for it to work best. I go over the past year accomplishments, good moments, things I’ve learned, etc. And I take last year’s calendar to remind me of annual things that show up that I should plan planning days for, and put in a retreat day every 6 weeks or so where I have a few hours. And a catch up day for work once a month where I don’t make any appointments and can catch up on email, filing, etc.

To keep myself on track with my visions and business goals by doing shorter planning sessions quarterly on a retreat day. I used to plan monthly too, but I can never seem to get what I want done in 30 days. I plan too much. And I was thinking about in the Bible so many things are 40 days. So I am going to try 40 day planning sessions this year. Then short weekly and daily planning sessions.

You can see it in more details at my Simple Annual Planning Program

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1 comment

  • Marcia Francois

    Cool, Beth. I’ve been thinking along these same lines – not so much because of birthday stuff, just because it’s nearing the end of the year.

    I’ll email you.

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