Join the Mommy Fest Blog Party from May 12-16 and meet other moms. I plan on hopping around to other mom blogs and would love you to join me! Click on the Mommy Fest link to see how to participate:

Mommy Fest Blog Party

As an introduction to the Mommy Fest participants, My name is Beth and I am a 37 year old work at home mom of two teens – a 15 year old young man (when he isn’t acting two) and a 13 year old young lady (don’t even think about calling her a kid).

I blog about simplifying, decluttering , finances and discovering what’s important. I started my first web page in 1997 when my kids were little. I have loved interacting with online friends, some whom I’ve had for 10 years.

I’ve been a SAHM, full time working Mom, part time working mom and love working at home right now.

I’m on a spending fast right now, so visiting all these blogs will give me something to do instead of buying things 🙂

For fun, I write, scrapbook, hike, go to the beach, play the piano, get together with friends and take pictures. I have more hobbies than that but they change and shift with time. I also adore reading and am usually reading 3 or 4 books. Do you have any good book recommendations – non fiction or fiction?

Don’t forget to pick up a free declutter calendar in the side bar.

Also, I am giving away 5 Get Things Done Procrastination eCourses. Post in the comments of this post and I will pick 1 a day at random from comments between May 12th and May 16th.


10 Things about Me

  1. I am a published writer
  2. I didn’t pass my driving test until I was 27
  3. I’ve been to all but 5 states in the US
  4. My house is not perfectly organized
  5. I am only 4 ft 11 (well almost 4 ft 11)
  6. I laugh a lot
  7. I have weekly beach days in July and August with the kids
  8. I did plays in high school and college
  9. I love playing with new technology and my husband knows I would rather have a new tech gizmo than jewelry
  10. I am blessed with having both sets of grandparents whom I learn a lot from

Looking forward to getting to know you.

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  • Jennie


    I love your site and visit frequently. I’d love a free procrastination ecourse.


  • Alissa

    Hi there,

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog the past few weeks, and I would love your procrastination ecourse – procrastination is definitely something I struggle with!


  • zel

    Hi Beth,

    I love your site! I’m a neat freak at home and in church, but in my personal life, everything is CLUTTERED. I’ve been trying to get my outer life to match my inner life, so to speak. I’ve had your declutter calendar for January and every month I try to remind myself to post an updated one, but that has not happened. Sigh. Silly but sadly true… Nevertheless, I am inspired by your website and will continue to take small steps towards neatdom 😀

  • Frances

    Bloghopping from Mommyfest – LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. Adding it to my reader now – can’t wait to read more. I definitely need to be more organized.

    It’s nice to meet you!

  • Tishia Lee

    Hi Beth and thanks for stopping by my blog! It was great getting to ‘meet’ you and I will definitely be back to your blog, in fact I’ve now added it to my Google Reader! You have some wonderful tips on here and I’m looking forward to coming back when I have more time to look around and read! I hope you enjoy MommyFest and the blog party.

  • Joy

    Loved your TOP TEN list!!! We want to use Beth as a middle name for our next daughter. It means “A promise of God”!

  • Cindi-Moomettesgram

    Waiving Hi from CT! Stopping by from Mommy Fest!

    Ah yes, I’m vertically challenged too! And boy, do I need help to declutter, now that I’ve become a blogger! Thank goodness for the DD who’s home from college for the summer!

    Stop by & visit me!

    Cindi @ Moomettesgram’s Musings

  • Notes From My Nest

    Just dropping in from Mommyfest! It’s nice to meet you!
    If you have time this week, check out the MOTHER’S DAY BLOG BASH GIVEAWAY going on at…GIVEAWAYS from Serena & Lily, Hand Picked Pumpkin, Modern June, Silly Jilly Bean, Pink Lemonade Bags, My Pink Zebra Boutique, Kenarie’s and many more!

    I’m also about to begin a new feature called “Coffee with…” that will put the spotlight on a new mom blogger each week. If you’re interested in being featured, check it out!

  • Ivy

    Hi, Beth. It’s nice to meet you. We have several things in common re hobbies, being on a spending fast, campaign for simplified living, etc, but I think the most important is … I’m also 4’11” (technically, 4’11.5″) but ssshh, I often round it up to 5′. 😉

  • Crystal

    You should check out – there is a great network of women on there into organizing and decluttering:) I hope you are having a blast at Mommy Fest! We’re having a Mommy Fest Scavenger hunt – come check it out!

  • Laurie

    Great posts! I’ve been struggling with household clutter for a long time (my whole adult life), but I’m just finally committing to the whole “decluttering” thing. Your blog (and others) are giving me great motivation! I really need help to stop procrastinating, so your e-course would be great.

  • Spice

    Hi! I’m here visiting from Mommy Fest! Thanks for coming on over to my blog. I’m loving this blog hopping thing and meeting new poeple. Hope to see you again. 🙂 Happy hump day!

  • Jenny

    Hope you’re enjoying mommyfest. I’m just stopping by to say hi. I’m Jenny. I live at The So Called Me. Hope to see you hop on over there. I’d love to have you. Anyway, great to meet you! I’ve bookmarked you for more reading.

    <3 Jenny

  • Heather

    Hi, I just found you through MommyFest. We blog about all of the same things! It’s nice to meet you–c’mon over and visit me!

  • Emily

    It’s nice to learn a little about you. I am just stopping by from Mommyfest to say hi. Have a wonderful day.

  • Angie

    Hi Beth,
    I’m stopping in from Mommy Fest and love your blog. I have added it to my Google Reader and signed up for your Declutter calendar (under my other email macawcrazy). Please enter me into your giveaway for the ecourse. Thanks!

  • Beth

    Thanks for all your comments everyone. I will be heading over to your blogs this week.

    Congratulations to our five random winners of the Procrastination eCourse: Zel, Crystal, Laurie, Heather and Heather!

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