I received a question from a reader on what to do with old photos, when you receive new ones. Especially when they are darling grandchildren. Isn’t it disloyal to get rid of the old ones?

  • I know one thing we do in our family is the old picture goes behind the new picture. So there may be several pictures in one frame.
  • For things like Christmas card pictures, the new ones can go on the fridge and the old ones can go into albums or  Marcia’s card system.
  • I love this Wall Gallery.
  • You can scan them into your computer. Then send the other ones off to other family members. Or toss them.

All you grandparents out there – what do you do?

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1 comment

  • Sam

    My Dad putting the old behind the new in his office pic frames ended up being the only copies of those pictures after our house burned down. Pictures from before the Internet end up being one of the things you miss most after loosing a home. All our childhood pics went up in smoke. I recommend always sharing with relatives as a “offsite backup”.

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