More and more of us are spending almost all their time indoors. And our kids are not getting out into nature as much as we did as kids. I remember spending most of my summer outside. This lack of nature is not good for us since connecting with nature is so nurturing. Nature reduces stress and makes you feel connected to something bigger than yourself. It wakes up your senses.

Yellow flowers

Yellow flowers from our nature walk the other day


Here are some ways to step out of nature deprivation:

  • Use the internet to find local trails to hike at least once a week
  • Plant a garden or at least a few flowers
  • Go to your local fairs and see the produce displays and farm animals
  • Pick strawberries, apples, your own pumpkin, etc at Pick Your Own farms
  • Learn local birds and plants
  • Go to the beach
  • Have electronic turn out times where you can outside as a family
  • Take your kids to the park
  • Go on a nature scavenger hunt where you look for things like a red bird, a ladybug, a mushroom
  • Take an evening walk after dinner
  • Get out into the country and see the stars
  • Catch and release frogs, salamanders or fireflies

When can you fit a little nature into your life and your family’s life this week?

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  • Karla

    It has been raining here in the Northeast all week and it’s put us all in such a grumpy mood. Spring is all about getting outside and it’s so disappointing when you’re stuck indoors. On a regular week, nature definitely improves the quality of our family life every day.

  • Lori

    Doing my share for my community this weekend–we’re taking the AHG troop camping. Unfortunately out of 108 girls only half signed up. It’s out biggest event of the year–building community and learning life skills. Makes me sad that so many parents don’t support it but we will celebrate the ones that do come out to play!

    I am the leader of the High School aged girls that have planned and will run the event so I am a little invested–and see the lack of skill some of these girls come to me with that have spent their ‘career’ opting out.

    My goal for tonight: See how many girls I can get to sleep under the stars. (It’s just Jr/Sr High girls tonight)

  • Beth

    Good for you Lori. You are a great leader. Can’t wait to hear how it goes.

    I know what you mean Karla, we finally got some sun trying to come out today.

  • Robin

    Rain here too, for several weeks. I thank God for no flooding and no dangerous storms. We have a small porch with a roof and when it is not raining hard or blowing rain on the porch we can put jackets on and blow bubbles, play with trucks and hammer on blocks of wood. When it is raining too hard to be on the porch, we look out in the woods and see the different vibrant shades of green and even appreciate the blacks and browns on the tree trunks. God is good to us that way! We enjoy nature even when it is not bright and sunny.

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