• Autumn is a breeze that asks if you want a jacket. An apple covered in caramel and fudge that crunches when you bite into it. A drive to see leaves of different colors where the trees create a canopy over the road. It’s a resurgence of

  • I love the changing of the seasons. This past weekend was changing from summer to fall. You may have done this already, be doing it in the next month, or next year in the other hemisphere. The reason I do a change of seasons prep is so I have

  • I sit under the evergreen tree that falls like a willow. I am tired. Tired of trying to keep it all together, do everything right, not let anyone down. Doing but it not being enough. Of living to other people’s expectations. I have

  • I was on my way to the grocery store and passed by one of my favorite renewal spots, the wetlands. My soul said, "Please may we stop." My ego replied, "But, I’ll get all hot and sweaty then when I am at the grocery store I

  • Often when we don’t finish things we will berate ourselves that we were lazy. It’s an easy scapegoat because unless you are productive 100% of the time, you can tell yourself you are lazy. We could always do more whether it is good