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I​ had a busier than normal social week last week and it created chaos in the house. I have work and other to dos to catch up with, so I didn’t want to take a lot of time to clean up. Today is a pick up as you go day.

I made my bed as I got out of it in the morning. Books were straightened and reorganized, paper thrown out, and makeup put away. Clothes got hung up or tossed in the hamper. I took a random cup, hair doodads, a hanger and the trash downstairs when I went.

I​ picked up the kitchen as my smoothie blends. I noted I’ll need to do dishes after my lunch.

M​akeup and hair supplies were put away before I left the bathroom.

B​efore work, I cleared off my desk and put the jewelry away as my computer booted up. I saw items that needed to be put away on the piano bench today during breaks.

I also planned to take care of a tote bag on the living room floor and its contents.

I​n general, I pick as I go at least a few times a week. And then some weeks it doesn’t happen. Grooming products get strewn as I rush out the door. Things pile on the kitchen table after shopping. The piano bench fills with items to do something with. Jewelry and clothes get tossed. I start leaving a trail behind anytime I do something.

T​hen I notice my energy draining. Even if I am still in the midst of a busy time, I can do some pick up and go. It takes 10 seconds to put something away. Less if you are right in the area.

B​y the end of the Pick up as I go day, I will have picked up the rest of the house. Piles and totes will be taken care of and I will enjoy the energy of my home again.

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  • Amy says:

    I related to this today, as it’s just what I did this morning, and I got a lot back in place by doing it. It’s a great way to keep on top of things that may seem to have gotten out of control, and overwhelming feeling. “As you go” is a very productive, efficient (and quicker than we think) way to get things back in order and feel less disorganized and drained mentally by the clutter and disarray. I listen to a good declutter podcast occasionally, “The Maximized Minimalist”…I always recall something she quoted her grandma used to say: “never leave a room empty handed.” There’s usually something you can pick up, and put back in place, along the way, “leaving a room.” I also always think to myself two quotes I heard years ago: “Don’t put it down, put it away” (those 10 secs you mention, it takes little time to “put it away” instead of down, which I used to do all the time.) And also, “don’t pile it, file it.” That one I do in my own system….I sort paper clutter often and pile, neatly, temporarily, for when I weekly go & file it all. I don’t file each time I touch paper…but this has still worked for me.
    Tks, Beth for all you do…I’m always inspired by your newsletters and weekly tips.

  • Amy says:

    Oh, one more quote from the Maximized Minimalist: “OHIO” Only Handle It Once. 🙂

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