Budget-Friendly Ways To Decorate Your House


During the change of seasons, I always feel like doing some re-decorating. But with inflation, I don’t want to spend a lot. Here are some options for us:

Tip 1 – Painting an Accent Wall

If you want to let your creative mind have a go, you can try drawing something on the wall on your own. It is quite affordable, as you’ll only need to buy a pencil and some colors alongside it. And the entire wall will look much, much better than it did before. 

Here are some tips that can help you with it:

  • You don’t need to go for solid colors only. Look for more textures or opt for a stripe-design.
  • The accent wall should be created in a neutral-toned room rather than a vibrant one.
  • Go for bold colors like red or magenta. Something that goes with the room, but makes it feel new.

Tip 2 – Add Some Vibrant Flowers

There’s another way to make your house look better and more vibrant – the flowers. These are quite economic in a way and can be used in almost any place you want. For instance, you can keep some daisies in your bedroom to wake up to sunshine.

On the other hand, making your dining room look even more enticing will only require you to add some sunflowers to the room. The living room can be decorated with roses too. Be sure to get these flowers from an online flower shop, though, if you want to get some nice discounts.

Tip 3 – Get Rid of Everything That’s Unsightly

Before you think about what you want to buy, make sure to get rid of anything that looks like an extra in your room. It can be related to your personal stuff or something else. 

For example, a worn or dated item or too much clutter can go. If you notice you don’t even see your current decorations anymore, try putting some away in storage and getting out different ones. If you rotate your decorations you have less clutter out, your rooms can look fresh.

Go into your room and see it through the eyes of a guest. What makes you feel uncomfortable seeing? What do you see that you don’t even like anymore? What no longer feels like you?

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Here is some more information about how you can decorate your house in a budget-friendly manner. 

How can I update my furniture without spending a lot of money?

Updating your furniture without spending a lot of money can be achieved by using slipcovers or furniture throws, painting or staining old furniture pieces, replacing hardware, and adding decorative pillows or cushions.

What are some affordable ways to add color to a room?

Adding color to a room can be achieved by adding colorful throw pillows, rugs, or curtains, hanging colorful artwork or photographs, adding colorful accents such as vases or decorative objects, or painting an accent wall.

How can I display my collections or memorabilia in a budget-friendly way?

Displaying collections or memorabilia can be done on a budget by using floating shelves or wall-mounted displays, using shadow boxes or frames to display small items, or creating a gallery wall with frames and artwork.

How can I decorate my walls without spending a lot of money?

Decorating your walls without spending a lot of money can be achieved by hanging affordable artwork or photographs, using washi tape or decals to create a unique design, creating a gallery wall with frames and artwork, or painting an accent wall.

What are some budget-friendly ways to add texture to a room?

Adding texture to a room can be achieved by using throw pillows or blankets with different textures, adding a textured rug or curtains, or using natural materials such as wood or woven baskets.

What are your tips for sprucing up your home in a new season?

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  • Diane West says:

    Happy Summer, Beth!!

    Thank you again for clearing our minds of cluttering things. I feel I have every room in my house to redo, where does all this stuff come from? Well, I know the answer to that query, as I’m getting old and often where I drop items, is where they live for awhile. I’ll be so busy this summer just putting away things.

    How have you been?

    Our farm needs rain desperately, and today we finally got some but not enough; the soil beneath our corn crop needs a good soaking.
    Well, you take care of yourself, pace yourself, don’t push more than your body dictates.

    Hugs, Diane♥

  • Beth says:

    Hi Diane, Good to hear from you. We finally got rain here as well. The strawberry fields say they are late this year.

    Same with you. You can put things away a little at a time. No push or pressure! Happy day!

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